Flashpoint Alto Cenepa: Wings at War Energy Ratings

I’ve number crunched some Energy Ratings for the Alto Cenepa aircraft, using Thrust / Weight Ratios and Loaded Take Off Weights as a basic guideline. I’ve made a few adjustments here and there including dropping the Loaded Energy of the Su-22 to reflect it’s fighter / bomber design and bumping up the loaded energy rating of the Tucano. 
I’ve also split transport and attack helicopters into two separate ratings. I’m intending to make this an either/or role for helicopters in the mission objectives, with dedicated attack helicopters e.g. Mi-24 and Gazelle, distinct from dedicated transports e.g. Puma or Mi-8/17, although the Mi8/17 Hip can perform both roles so would have to be designated as one or the other in the game.

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