Fleet in a Fortnight...?

Fleet in a Fortnight…?


I’m now painting the bases for the Operation Weserubung ships, which I should be able to complete over the next few days, give or take a bit of free time mid-week. This means that the ‚Fleet in a Week‘ project will have been completed in a little more than ten days or so, which isn’t exactly on target but is still not too bad. The plan now is to keep going but, this time around, with the Royal Navy units for the first and second Battles of Narvik. I don’t think it’s realistic to knock out the entire Home Fleet in a couple of weeks but the forces required for the aforementioned engagements are clearly on the cards, with a few extras thrown in for good measure, specifically the three cruisers for the Battle of the River Plate action. I’ll make a start as soon as I get those bases finished!

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