Fleet in a Weekend

Fleet in a Weekend

Most of my ships are Davco from this pack
A frustrating thing about being on holiday is being away from the workbench, which means a temporary hiatus in output and a lack of forward momentum. To make up for this, I’m going to attempt a repeat of my fleet in a weekend project from last year, in which I managed to paint most if not quite all of a 1/3000th scale Italian early war fleet over three days. 

This time around, I have a choice of a Soviet Black Sea fleet c1941 or a German fleet for the Norwegian Campaign c1940, both of which are light on battleships, battlecruisers and heavy cruisers but have a lot of light cruisers and destroyers. The Kriegsmarine fleet is on my ‚to do‘ list already and is more versatile than the Soviets, so I’m going to have a crack at basing and painting that over the last holiday weekend. 

It consists of the following models, all from the old Davco range:

Battlecruisers – Scharnhorst, Gneisenau

Heavy Cruisers – Admiral Hipper, Blucher, Lutzow

Light Cruisers – Koln, Karlsruhe, Konigsberg, Emden

Destroyers – fifteen Type 1934, Type 1934a and Type 1936 destroyers.

I may also squeeze in the Graf Spee or Admiral Scheer together with a few Type VII U boats. I will eventually add some air cover in 1/600th scale, probably some Ju-87 Stukas and assorted float planes, although those won’t be part of the painting schedule just yet. The aim will be to clean up, undercoat paint and base all of these to a decent wargaming standard over three days, starting on a Friday and finishing on a Sunday, which is what I did last time with only a little overrun. 

Fingers crossed!

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