Flying Fokkers

If the WW1 aerial game stirs up some renewed interest at the club on Tuesday, I am thinking of running some more games in the near future. I’m therefore also considering the addition of a handful of new 1/72nd scale aircraft to my line up. I tend to build kits in batches of three or four, so that I can have enough for players to borrow and paint them in matching schemes.

I have several options but it’s time that I did some more German planes, as there are a few types that are obviously missing and I have more allied aircraft to start with. Top of the list are a trio or quartet of Fokker Dr1 triplanes, using either the old 1970’s Revell kit or the modern Eduard / Smer equivalent.

The old Revell kit is good as it’s cheap, simple to build and virtually bomb proof for wargaming use, even if it lacks some finesse. The Eduard kit, however, is lovely and much more detailed, with fairly simple construction, clear instructions and some superb decals. I’ll have to choose but, as I have the kits already stashed in the loft, there’s no problem picking either one.

I’ll get up there today for a rummage….

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