Fomorian Spellweaver painted by Bonefyre from Erin 28mm Celtic Myth range

Fomorian Spellweaver painted by Bonefyre from Erin 28mm Celtic Myth range

A great find over on Instagram was a lovely painted Fomorian by a popular poster called Bonefyre. Follow him on that platform if you are keen to see more of his hobby. With the first of many new Erin 2023 miniatures out this very week (CM28 Pukki Warriors five poses) it seemed fitting for a wee hobby article featuring another sea devil. You can see the whole range HERE
This is CM6-01 Fomorian Spellweaver a high ranking member of any warband who manipulates the favours of the darker gods to give boons to his fellows from lowest Pukki to the Warriors all the way to Storm Warriors and Heroes. Bonefyre has done a great job on this with an evocative paint scheme and the addition of mushrooms (not the ones in our Battlefield Bits Range but similar) to the base really brings it all together. 
While the third edition of Erin the game is way off in the future (we are working on game engine refinements next month) you can still get the current second edition as a reduced price download and its massive! A great read. We are really happy that resmastering the over 90 poses with new molds and new pictures has allowed collectors and wargamers to complete projects and to begin new ones. 
Every miniature in the range is a single and there are also Warbands which collect models and give a discount. In the CMB2 Fomorian Warband you get a fine mix of a mighty Hero, a Champion, some Warriors and some Pukki. 
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