FOR SALE – Three Gallic warbands

Once every so often, I put something up for sale. This time I’m putting up three Gallic warbands, each of twenty two painted and based 28mm figures by Renegade. 

All were painted in enamels, and based, by yours truly for my own collection – these are not the runts of the litter; each base was picked at random and I’d be happy to swap any of them with the sixty bases that I’m keeping.

The pricing is pretty straight forward. Each warband is separately priced at £160 including postage within the U.K. There will be no haggling, the price is the price. 

Postage to elsewhere will be by arrangement. 

I will accept payment by Pay Pal (which makes it easy for payments from outside the UK) but, I would prefer to be paid by BACS (within U.K. only) to save on charges, if at all possible. 

Sales will be first come, first served. To express an interest, email me at:

Warband  lot 1

Warband lot 2


Warband lot 3



I hope they sell quickly, and I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for looking.

James Roach

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