Foundry SYW (F&IW) British Grenadiers - WIP

Foundry SYW (F&IW) British Grenadiers – WIP

These are more Foundry British Grenadiers from their Seven Years War range. They will be added to the ones painted up 10 years ago – ones acquired from a visit to The Foundry in 2013. The 12 with blue facings are a new unit of 1st Royal Scots; the other 9 (3 each in buff, green, and yellow facings) will bring up unit strength to12 figures for the 22nd, 40th, and 45th – Louisbourg Grenadiers – painted up earlier. I wanted them to be in sizes of regular units for Rebels and Patriots.

Although some may find these a bit large and „bulky“ – the details sculpted on them are great. In particular the two rows of lacing on their cuffs are impressive.

After these, two more 12-man units of British „Hat Men“ will be worked on. The appear to be the same sculpts as these grenadiers, but wearing tricornes. Until next time, thanks for checking out the block and wishing you all the best.

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