Franco-Dutch Interlude

Franco-Dutch Interlude


Sorry for the lack of recent posts- I was busy with Partizan and then publishing the updated Ancient and Medieval army list books, which went out last Friday (if you’ve previously bought a copy, you should have received a copy or download link, if you haven’t, please email me).

I’ve been on a brief vacation in the 1670s, painting British, French and Dutch for a new project. The above aren’t yet finished but look great in the flesh as opposed to the unflattering photo. I’ll take a better one when they are on bases in around a week’s time. They are from the North Star 1672 range- absolutely lovely minis although the range is unfortunately not complete. I seem to have enough minis for 30 battalions, like this, and 20-odd squadrons, but they are by no means easy to paint- the innumerable buttons, and the hat bands, sashes and feathers take an eternity. Waagh!  At this stage I’m not looking to finish the armies but want to get three or four units on bases as a proof of concept, then I plan to get back to the Swiss that have been on hold over the summer.

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