Free paper model buildings from English Heritage

Free paper model buildings from English Heritage

Sue and I are members of English Heritage, and recently we received the latest issue of the member’s magazine. It contained a children’s supplement entitled THE KIDS RULE! GUIDE TO VICTORIAN ENGLAND, …

Free paper model buildings from English Heritage

… and I happened to notice that there was a link to a section on English Heritage’s website where

Scroll down this page to find the links to the free model buildings.

… it was possible to download paper templates to build the following buildings:

  • A Bronze Age Roundhouse
  • A Roman Prefect’s house
  • A Saxon Thegn’s house
  • The Great Tower of Dover Castle
  • The south tower of Stokesay Castle
  • The gatehouse of Cleeve Abbey
  • A monk’s cell
  • St Mawes Castle
  • Boscobel House
  • Apsley House
  • Stott Park Bobbin Mill

Click on whichever of the buildings you want to construct and it will take you to the appropriate page …

… where you will find information about the building. If you scroll down this page …

… it will take you to the link to the PDF templates for that building and instructions on how to put the model together.

An example of the first page of the PDF template for Stott Park Bobbin Mill.

I’m not sure what scale they are, but I don’t think that it would be too difficult to scale them up or down.

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