Freeguild (formerly Empire) Greatswords – A Farewell to 2017 Post

Although my previous post had me saying it would be likely my last for the year, I ended up finding a great deal on ebay for these GW Greatswords. As I plan to attend a Dragon Rampant game day next month, I figured these could be used for a unit of foot as an option. Plus, I always wanted to paint up this set – basically Landsknechts, but with that GW „heroic“ style of sculpting.

The helmeted heads are left over bits from a Knights kit I painted several years ago – glad I kept them.

The colors could be from Empire states, but with Landsknechts, the sky’s the limit with color combinations.

I painted these without the use of Minwax stain as the last can had dried up and I wanted to experiment using Pledge (Future) floor wax mixed with some ink stain. It worked out okay, and had the benefit of not leaving a high gloss finish, as well as a much quicker drying time.

The floor wax dries to an almost flat finish – which I ended up giving a very light coat of Testors Dullcote.

Along with a couple of  previously painted figures, these will be used in a Heavy Foot unit at next month’s game day.

Landsknects are a great way to use a lot of color combinations without fear of going over the top.

Not only the colors, but the huge two-handed swords, particularly the wavy „flame“ bladed ones, make Lanksnects very cool.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you all had a great Christmas, and wishing you all a great 2018!

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