Freikorps Friday

Freikorps Friday


I finally got round to sorting out my Peter Pig figures for the Red Actions project, which is slightly delayed due to the workbench being covered in WW1 plastic aircraft models. These will be bumped along over the weekend, so that the decks are at least partially cleared for the Freikorps.

I realised that I don’t quite have all the bits to assemble the Freikorps force for Red Actions, so have ordered a small selection of extras to make up the numbers, primarily another pack of ulhans, some command figures and extra artillery crew, all not very exciting but necessary.

I’ve also ordered a couple of Daimler lorries from QRF as tows for the field guns, the latter by being Austrian 80mm pieces pinched from my SCW nationalist box. It won’t be long before I can start cleaning this lot up and painting them, the kick-off hopefully being after the half-term holidays. 

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