French 2nd Empire Zouaves – WIP

Couldn’t pass up an inexpensive box of Perry ACW Zouaves on ebay as I’ve always fancied painting some up. Admittedly, I’ve never had an interest in ACW, but figure they could be painted as French 2nd Empire troops.

Wanting some firing poses, I used some spare Perry British Napoleonic arms. Some Green Stuff was used to replicate the rings around the barrels. Also used Green Stuff for the little banner under the bugle – the arm being a spare from the French Chasseur a Cheval set.

Some images from the internet for painting guides. I think the uniform is pretty much the same up through the Franco Prussian War.

If I ever get around to acquiring Prussians, I may try them out using Bolt Action. I don’t intend to collect a lot of figures for this, but do like the look of the troops – French in red pants and Prussian in spiked helmets! Thanks for dropping by and best wishes to you all.

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