French Napoleonic Squadron Underway

French Napoleonic Squadron Underway


It’s a small start but I have base coated the French squadron, after adding an extra 80 gun third rate, while also working out the names for all of the assembled ships.

Ocean (118)

Neptune / Indomtable / Formidable/ Bucentare / Foudroyant (80)

Achille / Scipion / Desaix / Pluton / Mont Blanc / Intrepide (74)

Sirene (40)

Embuscade (32)

Renard (16)

These were all in service c1800, except for the 16 gun brig which I had to invent a name for. I’m tempted to invent a fictitious 40 gun frigate or possibly a third rate 74 as the command for an imaginary character, but I’ll probably leave that option for the Royal Navy.

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