I haven’t made this post a Mediterranean update for my blog even though the Napoleonic French will be making an appearance in the new book, as on this occasion I have only painted a handful of figures and I plan on doing a bigger post for the French when I have more units painted. 

A friend of mine, Lofty Warren came around to my place a couple of days ago for a game using the Too Fat Lardies skirmish rule set – Sharp Practice. As you know from previous posts that I have been painting Napoleonic British but up until now, I didn’t have any French but Lofty does and he brought them along so that we could have a game.

The only thing we were lacking was a handful of leaders and a couple of units of skirmishers for the French so I had a rushed couple of days trying to get the figures painted up ready for the game.

The figures are from Alban Miniatures, more slender than Perry Miniatures but they are lovely sculpts and they will be fine alongside Perry as separate skirmish units. If you go back a few posts in this blog you will also see some 95th Rifle figures from Alban Miniatures that I painted.

I have not taken any pictures of the Sharp Practice game on this occasion as we were getting to grips with the rules which I have to say are fantastic. I did take a couple of pictures of the table prior to Lofty arriving but you will have to excuse the lack of olive groves, vineyards and all the other bits of table dressing that help set the scene.

In the picture below you can see the comparison with the two Perry figures on the left and the Alban figures on the right.

View from both ends of the table.

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