Galactic Heroes Goodies

I had a nice surprise this afternoon when I got home from work in the shape of a parcel from the USA containing all of the Kickstarter Galactic Heroes goodies. These consist of the rulebook, a cheat sheet and two supplements, one of background and the other for vehicles, a couple of packs of tokens and a badge, some neat resin objective markers, a cool resin hover car, a blast template and, best of all, a pack of custom cards for use with the game. 
These are my favourite bit of the bundle and really look very professional. Nice work Jaye! I have no idea when I’ll get round to playing a game, however, as I don’t have any figures (yet) that are suitable for space opera style scenarios, which is where these rules really fit in. I may have to take a short cut and paint up a handful of 15mm Laserburn figures in the interim, so I can try out the rules. A big thanks to Jaye Wiley for making this happen and for delivering such a brilliant bundle of stuff.

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