Game report: John A’s Cold War Game.

Game report: John A’s Cold War Game.

In the afternoon after I had run my 5core: Brigade Commander game John A ran a playtest of the Cold rules that he has been working on.

For a test scenario John had looked to the 1970s field tests done by the British Army known as the Chinese Eye exercises. This was a series of field test to generate data on tank engagements for Operational Research purposes. You can read about it here– a must read book for anyone interested in Twentieth century warfare imo.

The rules are on a one-to-one basis for the tanks and fire team/ weapon team bases for infantry. We started up with a rather impressive battalion’s worth of forces arrayed on a broad front.

How ever advancing over open ground into the teeth of Chieftain tank and Milan ATGM fire took a heavy toll on our forces very quickly.

Whilst the game ended up very similar to the mythical turkey shoot it did give John’s mechanisms a good work out. I certainly look forward to playing the rules again with a more involved scenario.

As it happens Martin R has written a blog report here on the two games that is well worth reading.



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