Gaslands: Chevy Chevelle and the Rusty Bug

Gaslands: Chevy Chevelle and the Rusty Bug

Two more motors enter the arena.

’64 Chevy Chevelle SS

Another Hot Wheels gets the treatment, this time a driver, twin machine-guns and additional armour around the fuel tank and rear wheels was added from the Implements of Carnage One frame.

The mesh over the front and rear screens was from some jewelry making tools that Victoria has, I only needed a little bit!

The original model was a rather insipid metallic blue colour, but after sticking on the gubbins I gave it my usual primer of light beige and base-coated it in VMC dark blue, working up the highlights by adding VMC Pasted Blue to the mix.

After painting I gave it the muck it up treatment with a Tamiya weathering kit.

Volkswagen Beetle

This one came in a rather fetching „Holiday Racers“ scheme, but I was having none of that, instead going for another „natural patina“ similar to the recent ’52 Chevy.

Pushing out the headlights, from the Implements of Carnage One frame I mounted a machine-gun in place of each. The interior was junked and lined the side windows with the industrial flooring also found on the IoC-1 frame.

With the blocked up windows, I was starting to get a „Warden“ vibe on this build so I added a bars to the front and rear windows. To complete the build four North Star spears were clipped off and super-glued to the chassis above the front bumper adding tetanus to the other risks involved.
Finally the axle was bent to cant the wheels inwards for a classic Beetle-rod look

I painted the whole thing in my usual rusty base coat and then added a few patches of the original red, before washing and starting to work up the highlights. I’m really happy how this one came out.

I’m really getting into these now and they’ve been rather good at helping me over come the painting malaise that I’d gotten into.

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