Gaslands: The first batch!

Gaslands: The first batch!


Last Thursdays game against Nick saw me enthused to kick off my own collection, so I ordered a set each of Implements of Carnage One and Implements of Carnage Two from North Star then had a trip to the Hot Wheels section of our local B&M and I was off gluing bits to the cars and adding my own paint jobs.

Pontiac GTO

This was my prototype and I had some good lessons learned in the retrospective, mainly, don’t try and over-paint the Hot Wheels paint job with brush on primer, give them a coat of  spray primer beforehand.

Also, the Black & Decker power drill with a 5mm bit is perfect for destroying the rivets that hold it all together, a Dremel works ok for this, but it’s a lot quicker to clamp it and drill them out with the big-boy drill, then clean up the stub afterwards with the Dremel with a cutting disk.

This car was spammed up with a driver, twin machine guns mounted on the passenger door and a set of bull bars from IoC-1 and a rear mounted gas cylinder from IoC-2. The main colour is VMC Luftwaffe Uniform.


This one was quite a simple build, just adding a racing driver and a mini-gun from IoC-1. I also decided to leave the canopy off this one as a fast, jet-engined buggy.

Lessons learned, this ones body was first primed with Halfords Khaki, before I started painting. 


We all learned long ago that red ones go faster, so this was worked up from a base-coat of VMC Black Red up to VMC Flat Red. The screen at the front was done in a simple non-glassy glass. To complete the red ensemble the driver has a bright red racing helmet.

68 Camaro

Next for the treatment was a 68′ Camaro, again a driver was added, a single pintle mounted machine gun and a dropper was mounted on the trunk. The side exhausts were also added from the IoC-1 frame.


The driver is a bid of a bad fit and I had to shorten his arms to get him in.

The base for this is VMC Black Green worked up with highlights with successively more VMC Flat Green added. I also worked in quite a bit of chrome on the bumpers, exhausts, trim, etc.

Chevrolet Silverado Trail Boss

I think that this may be my favourite build so far. I added the wrecking ball, oil drums and gas cans from the IoC-2 frame then added a super charger intake, pintle mounted machine-gun, dozed blade, corrugated iron plates and giant exhaust from the IoC-1 frame.

I wanted this to look really dirty and beaten up, so the white is from a base of VMC Pale Sand with plenty of rusty areas added. The wrecking ball and corrugated iron plates also had a lot of rust effects worked into them. Using a Tamiya weathering kit I added plenty of dirt to the paint job.

I’m really happy how this one came out and I hope I can start to build a 50-can team around it for no other reason than I think it looks great.


The Implements of Carnage Two frame contains a great buggy that looks like a far too big engine has been mounted in a frame constructed of old scaffolding and sent out to mess things up.

This kit is pretty much exactly with the pintle mounted machine gun, as North Star intended although I could not resist adding a set of side exhausts from the IoC-1 frame and a fuel can from IoC-2.

The side armour and foot plate for the gunner allowed me to work some more on my rust effects, which I quite like how they are coming out.


Included with the IoC-1 frame is a speedy looking road bike that will make a good way to squeeze an extra cheap, fast vehicle onto your team.

The bike is done mainly in VMC Prussian Blue while the driver shows off in cream leathers and a white helmet, fancy-pants! I did not add any weapons, it’s side-arms only for this chap, if he’s shooting then he’s doing it wrong.

Dirt Bike

Another useful out-rider for the team comes in the form of the Dirt bike on the IoC-2 frame, another great little addition.

The bike’s painted in dirty white, much like the Silverado, with some areas like the helmet picked out in Prussian Blue.

I think that I’ve now easily got enough stuff painted for a two-player game, but still have another load of vehicles in the backlog that I’m working on. I think that this will be a great little diversion from the usual painting routine.

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