Gaslands: The rusty batch

Gaslands: The rusty batch

I’m having a load of fun messing around with these Hot Wheels and since the last blog article posted have completed another two bangers.

’86 Monte Carlo SS

I only used a couple of components from Implements of Carnage One on this build, the driver and a single roof mounted machine-gun. I have however found some new bits of tat to add to the build.

The framework over the front and rear windows is some steel mesh that Victoria let me have. One tip here though is if you can get the welded stuff as this un-welded stuff just falls apart if you cut it up too small. I’ve used a lot of superglue holding it together, and sticking my fingers to the build!

The ram is made from right angle styrene that I picked up from Arcane Scenery, for this one I fashioned a ram for the font of the vehicle.

The vehicle basecoat is VMC Black Red worked up to VMC Flat Red. The rust is from a basecoat of a mix of VMC Saddle Brown and VMC Gunmetal Grey with successive highlights and patches with more VMC Clear Orange added.

’52 Chevy

This is a lovely model, probably reflected by it being about three times the price of a regular Hot Wheels.

I added the Grabber arm from IoC-2 and IoC-1 provided the hull mounted machine-gun and the ram. Also from IoC-1 was the armour over the wheels that I finished off with right-angle styrene.

Pretty much the whole thing was base-coated in my mix of VMC Saddle Brown and VMC Gunmetal Grey then a few patches done in VMC Medium Blue to represent the last of the original paint job. 

When I drilled out the river that holds the top to the bottom I cracked the plastic base and you can see in this shot that the grill hangs under the hood quite a bit, I was going to do a repair, but think this adds even more „old junker“ character to the model.

As you can likely tell from the recent output, I’m getting quite into this, and already have way more cars than I’ll ever need – more to come though!

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