Germanic Tribesmen Marcommanni

Germanic Tribesmen Marcommanni

Germanic Tribesmen

Off the table are some Germanic tribesmen units, a mix of Foundry, Warlord and some Victrix bits. A lot of work to get them to fit properly on the 60 x 60 bases as anybody who has warlord miniatures will find they are difficult to fit on bases to get them tightly fitted particularly.  The first unit references the temple worship with a wooden Woden as the standard, which is a foundry miniature that inspired the totem I scratch built. 

The second unit has a Hare standard which is a decal, again a mix of miniatures, decals are from LBM and Warlord. The wicker shields are hand painted runes. I have around 100 more of these to complete. I have based some individual miniatures for skirmish miniatures.



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