Gladiators I salute you

Gladiators I salute you

We are but Dust & Shadows

Terrain Tuesday Gladiator Arena thoughts

Model at the Museum of Jublains

While I was suffering painters block a few weeks back I turned to movies, books and local adventures to put me back on course. All of the options however added some more kit to my painting and construction tables, and some ideas were moved to the front rather than at the back, moj is back happy to say and going through a purple patch now!

On one of the tours we visited our local Amphitheatre at Jublains, the former Roman capital of the Diablintes tribe about 10 klms away from the Maison. This gave me inspiration for two things. One was the Gallic farm buildings (see previous post) and the other was gladiators.

I am yet to build the amphitheatre, however I want it to be around two x two foot tile, oval which will look a little different, with a removable rear wall so I can remove it then also add a straight section and second corner for chariot racing on the big table.

The arena tile will then also fit on my chess table for extra transportable use around the house.
I have six gladiators already completed for around 10 years or so, but also had a lot unpainted gladiators, animals and chariots, so this week I added another 20 odd to the table front and centre, and most will be off the table this week over the coming days while the blood is up!

I am yet to find a suitable set of rules which would be good for French Wargame Holiday evening games, looking at Steve Barbers gladiators set and possibly the old board game set, any other suggestions ?

Jublains Amphitheatre 1st Century AD

Artists Impression of Jublains Arena I will build something like this with removable wall


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