Gloster Meteor Gloss Over

I assembled a couple* of 1/285th scale Raiden Miniatures Gloster Meteors last night, then gave them a quick spray undercoat of Halfords Primer before bedtime. I was going to basecoat and layer them in a couple of shades of light grey and white but, having found a half empty can of Humbrol Gloss Acrylic White, I saw a quick shortcut to all that brushwork. A quick dusting or two with the rattle can and ‚Bingo!‘, they are now ready for a Future based wash using my usual formula for this sort of thing. I am quite pleased with the amount of time saved which I can now invest in some fine brush work and detailing instead, before I overspray them with Army Painter matt varnish.

* I was originally going to do four but thought it was a bit silly, as they hardly saw action in 1945 and I can use the flight stands elsewhere for other more useful things!

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