Good Old Fashioned Board Game Fun: Stratego

Good Old Fashioned Board Game Fun: Stratego

Well, this was a ’second chance impulse‘ buy. I first saw it in a local „Yorkshire Store“ shop, one sells all manner of goods, with a rambling toy section [sometimes useful for picking up cheap „counters“ and the like for games] – I had it in my clammy hands but put it back down. Driving home, I regretted it, though I was in a little bit of a quandary as to what it actually was (and for £20 was I going to just get a pile of „plastic tat?“), A fortnight later I was in the same store looking up at (probably) the same box and it was a case of „green for go in my head“ <the sound of the cash register follows or rather a „beep“ in these modern times> – done deal, item bought (see below, I opened it up and was well satisfied that it was not the feared „plastic tat“ but a nicely presented, mounted board, with good plastic playing pieces, simple instructions and even better, „something“ that could be extended in traditional maverick Wargames Design fashion): 

But who would play it with me „out of the box“? My youngest son (11) started but he then aborted after a few moves, sad emoji. Next I tried my „old sad puppy dog eyes“ on the wife and much to my surprise she acquiesced and we played a couple of games, in the wings my eldest son (16) eyed events with interested curiosity but it was my (14) daughter who took up the gauntlet – egged on by the wife („you go beat him“ [I gave no mercy in my games with the wife]) and I’ll be damned if she nearly did and took me to the wire (I was facing a „female team“ at this point). Great fun, great fun, so it looks like the dark nights will be partially filled with more than a few battles. Thank you Yorkshire Store and Jumbo Games 😉 

Update: The daughter expressed an added interest to move onto chess 🙂   

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