Gothic WIP Wednesday

Gothic WIP Wednesday

Gothic WIP Wednesday







The weather outside is miserable and second lock down is boring but the new lasers are whirring and bringing new terrain!


Designer Ben has been kind enough to share a glimpse  of what he has been working on. A modular kit designed with a gothic aesthetic, that you can mix and match to your hearts desire.

Every piece of the kit is modular so it can be played in a bunch of different ways. Each part comes with a space to slot into another part of the kit or vice versa. Combined with a mix of straight and corner pieces linking to the more intricately designed centrepieces, there will be a layout style for you.

The range will expand with different buildings but keeping the modular design. Do you want the setup to look like a convent or would you prefer a more residential feel? The options are near endless.

A ruined version of the same range will also be coming, perfect for a combo of the two kits. As well as an accessories set to provide scatter and cover for the board.

The wait has been long but new MDF is certainly on its way and this is just a taste of what the clever designers have been up to.

In the meantime you can check out the rest of our recently restocked MDF range here  for all your terrain needs!

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