Gunpods and Choppers

I haven’t had much time today, as usual, but I have finished modifying and magnet basing the last of the aircraft for the FAH including two T-28 Trojans with added gun pods, two T-6 Texans with added gunpods, two rocket armed T-28 Trojans and five F4U-4 Corsairs with underwing rockets. These will be used to represent the F4U-4’s that the Hondurans flew alongside the F4U-5’s that I’ve used unarmed models for, so that the difference is obvious on the table top.
I also base coated the FAP helicopters for the Alto Cenepa project, as I now have laser etched rotor discs and tail rotors from Lazerline Design to make them look the business. I will aim to finish these over the weekend, although the scary sharks teeth on the Hinds might be a little tricky to pull off. I’m thinking of using  a white basecoat followed by the black and red mouth strips, then adding the white teeth with a very, very small brush? 

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