Haitian Revolution - French 5th Legere

Haitian Revolution – French 5th Legere


I haven’t painted many figures since the end of the last Challenge in March, its been more of a making buildings faze. I did have these undercoated and started the paint job, but ran out of time. So the painting table needed to be cleared to make way for the next Painting Challenge that starts next month.
The figures are painted up to represent the French 5th Light Infantry or Legere.
They were one of the first units sent out to Santo Domingo when the troubles first occurred.

There was another Legere unit sent out a little latter in 1802, the 11th, so at a push they could double up as them. 

The figures are from Trent Miniatures, bought from Arcane Miniatures, but can only be bought from either Warlord or Skytrex now.

I was a little stumped at what their flag should be or even if they actually carried one. Reject Richard is into the Revolutionary period having his own collection of French and Austrians (soon to be seen at Broadside show next month) and looked through his books, the 5th Legere were made up from men of the Department du Var 1st Battalion. So they’re carrying their flag, makes sense to me! And it looks rather nice as well.

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