Hammerhead Wargames Show 2023 - Swag

Hammerhead Wargames Show 2023 – Swag

Saturday saw myself and my 3 friends, Alex, Nic and Andy attend Hammerhead Wargames show held at the Newark show ground. 
It’s been quite some time since we all have been to a show and this would be more a social outing with a minor bit of shopping and catching up with old friends on the industry. 
Arriving around 9:20am the queue wasn’t too long and we were straight in at 10:00am. During the day the crowds of people increased and it was certainly well attended. 
We did quite a few laps of the hall, not really seeing many games that took our fancy to participate in although they had a massive game of Epic Armageddon which was amazing and I am gutted I forgot to take pictures of it. 
The main attraction for us all however was the central bring and buy. I’m usually not one for clamouring through the crowds to look at the multitude of second hand stuff but my mates are, and I’m so glad this time I did also – what bargains to be had. 
Anyway on to the swag which includes said bargains. 
Fighting Fantasy Green Banner Books – bought for 50p each. 

Blood Bowl Nurgle Dice

Epic Space Marine Landraiders and Rhinos. Green set £6 and White set £4 – bargains. 

Forge world Mortarion – Primarch of the Death Guard. Uber bargain of the day £30. Couldn’t believe it !!

Star Wars Legion – all huge discount

3D print Tribles and Andorians – pre ordered and collected from Twisted Pinnacle printing. 

The haul. 


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