Han Solo in Carbonite

With the recent half term came some precious hobby time and an opportunity to finish off a whimsy that had started with the discovery of a Star Wars related ice cube maker.  The silicone mould of the unfortunate Han Solo, following his entombment in carbonite, proved too much of a lure and was duly ordered.  When it arrived, I started to wonder if there might actually be a modelling opportunity here?
After a quick chat with a colleague regarding the melting temperature of pewter we decided to give it go and whilst the molten metal didn’t run straight through the mould, neither did it prove successful in capturing the fine detail.  Unperturbed, I tried some plaster of paris, which proved more suitable and left me with a couple of workable pieces to experiment with.
Once the plaster was dried, I went for a simple black undercoat, but at this stage I decided that it wasn’t quite right and needed a little more detail.  After much head scratching, I reached for some styrene strip and cut sufficient pieces to represent the control panels along the side of the carbonite bed.  To these were added styrene tube ‚buttons‘, or least they were when I had finally gathered the pieces that had flown across the room as I cut them!
With just some simply dry brushing and picking out one or two details the job was done and I have to say looks just the part.
I was pleased with how the scale seemed to match well with the Imperial Assault miniatures and couldn’t resist setting up a quick scene to depict the moment that Boba Fett returns, triumphant, to Jabba’s palace.
Eagled eyed readers might notice some custom made band members, part of the care package from the very generous Mr. Stone, he of ‚Wargames Terrain Workshop‘ and are likely to feature in a forthcoming instalment! 

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