Happy Blogday ’28mm Victorian Warfare’…

…7 today

Today marks the seventh anniversary of the creation of this humble weblog, something that I still find quite staggering given my complete inability to focus on anything for any given period of time.

Looking back at this time last year I was acknowledging the ever increasing series of avenues that this most wholesome of hobbies was opening up for me.  There seems, however, to have been somewhat of a watershed particularly given the success that was Congo.  Finally sitting down and planning a game, collecting and painting the miniatures and then inviting a couple of would be victims volunteers proved to be such a boon.  I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the adventure and still have a number of posts to make, logging the various components that went into making the day so successful.  It was as if a penny had finally dropped and I started to see the hobby for what it was.  I had always imagined that the collection would eventually lead to the tabletop, but I never envisaged that I would take so long.
What I did find though was that I was enjoying the thinking and planning about games just as much as I was the painting of the miniatures, this was the first time that there has been this discernible shift and it had a direct result on the status of the blog.  I think it would be fair to say that this has been a bit of a perfect storm as the epiphany has coincided with an incredibly busy upturn at work.  As I have mentioned before there is nothing sinister in this, just simply more to do and so less time for hobby related projects meant that some difficult choices had to be made.
So where does that leave this humble weblog and what thoughts are there for the future?  The joy of working towards a definitive outcome is clearly a goal that I would like to repeat and plans are afoot to host a similar day, but this time returning to the Witchfinder project.  Board games have played a huge part in my gaming development and it is unlikely that these will go away.  There is simply too much fun to be had with the likes of Zombicide:Black Plague.  In fact there are a number of avenues about to open up with the imminent arrival of Resident Evil, Smog and Green Horde.
Throw into the mix Imperial Assault and I have more plastic than I will ever paint and yet I have no doubt that something else will catch my eye over the coming months.  That said the continued collection of new titles is starting to trouble me.  As patient as the ‚Saintly Mrs. Awdry‘ is there is a finite amount of space here at ‚Awdry Towers‘ and questions are beginning to be asked!  This grim realisation that I don’t actually have to back everything will hopefully see a down turn on pledges and an increase in gaming.
I expect that there will continue to be the odd playful dalliance here and there, but I hope there will be less justification and a little more honesty in my approach.  “Yes, I am supposed to be painting lions, but that Tiger 101 was just far too tempting!”  So it is that I tentatively remove the dust sheets that have idled here at ’28mm Victorian Warfare‘ for far too long and hope that I can find a way back to more regular posting habits.  Thank you for your patience. 

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