Heading to NJCon, with our Sci-Fi line!

Hey all!
Well, as we learn lessons with the new business, we ALSO get the fun part… going to Cons, making figures, and meeting people!
And our next Con is THIS WEEKEND!  We are heading to NJCon, where we will release our SCI-FI line!
It consists of the Space Legatus pictured above (that’s a pre-production image… there are some small changes to the model)…

Our Hellspawn Legatus, pictured above…

And our Space Ronin!  The Ronin is particularly cool… I’ve always been a big Kurosawa fan, so we wanted to make something that would work like a space samurai… so we went with a bunch of different hands, and you can pick which you want!  Katanas, Solar Blades, pistols, empty hands… mix and match!

Here is the Space Ronin painted up, with a Solar Blade in one hand and an empty hand for the other!
And the Space Ronin is our first miniature which we have a FEMALE version of as well!
Anyway… hope to see folks there!:)

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