Henry Plantagenet, Earl of Derby, Duke of Lancaster, KG – Verlinden 120mm English Knight

Finished up thisVerlinden 120mm figure. He’s on a temporary base until I can find a more suitable one – smaller.

I used Vallejo acrylics for the entire figure, and pretty much painted him up like how I would a smaller figure. Painting the separate parts and then putting them together afterward.

The great helm and cap of maintenance with royal lion crest makes him look a bit top heavy, but that’s probably realistic.

As I mentioned in the previous post, the heraldic lions on the jupon had shallow outlines, which assisted in their painting.

Henry was a great-grandson of Henry III and campaigned in Scotland and Flanders. He was at the Battles of Sluys and Crecy, as well as the Siege of Calais. He died of the Black Plague in 1360.

Here he is below alongside a Front Rank 28mm mounted figure painted in the same arms.

That was a nice little project and now I can concentrate on the Bolt Action game I’m hosting this Friday. Thanks for stopping by and wishing you all the best in the hobby!

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