Here’s Negan: The Board Game – the Negan Action Deck

After yesterday’s blog exploring how Reputation works in Here’s Negan, today we’re talking about the main man: Negan! He is a special type of Survivor who moves around the board automatically and is not controlled by the players. However, his progress is still vital to the team’s success. Negan is moved during the Negan Phase (which is played after all the survivors and Walkers have been moved).

Typically you will draw a card from the Negan Action Deck. This is a deck of 24 mini cards that randomly dictate how Negan will act. This ensures Negan is completely unpredictable and no two games will ever play quite the same because of his actions. Below you can see an example of a Negan Action Card.

At the top you can see the name of the card. Next in bold is how many spaces Negan must move. If possible, Negan will always move first and then players will follow the instruction(s) on the card. Negan will always move towards a specified target point in the scenario and will use the shortest route possible to get there (there’s a handy guide in each scenario to show you what route he will follow).

Next you will follow the instruction(s) on the card. Sometimes this will be an opportunity to earn extra Reputation, others Negan might just flip out and start shouting. You can never predict what Negan will do – so it’s always best to be prepared for anything.


If Negan begins the phase adjacent to one or more Walkers, and/or in an unsecured room, Negan does not move and no card is drawn. Instead Negan will become ENRAGED! If Negan is enraged, you must do the following:

  • The Survivor(s) with the highest Reputation immediately lose blue die worth of Reputation
  • Any Survivors within 3 spaces and line of sight of Negan immediately lose 1 health, as he gives them a little whack with Lucille
  • If there are no Survivors in range, Negan will start shouting at the top of his voice, which will cause NOISE and attract Walkers
  • If Negan is adjacent to one or more Walkers, the first player rolls a blue die and removes up to that many Walkers within 3 spaces. As a result, it’s actually pretty handy to have Negan take out the Walkers… but you will suffer his wrath


If you’re really struggling to clear the Sanctuary, you can call in Negan for assistance (at the expense of a blue die’s worth of Reputation). Negan will then move up to three spaces. If he ends up within 3 spaces of any Walkers, you can roll a blue die to see how many he takes out.


Your mission is over is Negan gets swarmed and taken out by Walkers or when he reaches the exit, as specified by the scenario. As a result, Negan is a little like a moving game clock that can also whack you round the head with Lucille if you irritate him. So basically don’t irritate him!

Here’s Negan: The Board Game is available to pre-order now. All pre-orders come with FREE character cards to use Negan’s lieutenants in All Out War.

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