Hereward - we're BACK, baby!

Hereward – we’re BACK, baby!

After far too long without a face-to-face show I am delighted to announce that things are proceeding at a rate of knots for Hereward 2023. We’re on our usual first Sunday in September (the 3rd) at our usual venue (The Cresset in Bretton, Peterborough) and hopefully we will have lots of our friends and regulars turning up with stuff for you to buy and games for you to play.

You can book in advance (see our booking page), and there are still plenty of tables available for games, for tabletop sales, but only a few trade stand slots left. And the painting competition is back for another year!

Huge thanks to Reuben who’s been doing a lot of the work this year – we couldn’t have done it without him, and it’s shaping up to be a great show.

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