Hershel´s Farm Fence Tutorial

Hi Again.

Its time now to show you all how I made my fences to my little farm project!

First you need a sheet of balsa wood and some round flower sticks.
A sharp knife and a ruler and a pen.
I then cut the balsa wood in many 13×2 cm strips
Then I sand down the long 13 cm edges of the balsa wood.
Then I take some coffie stirrer and cut them down to 13 cm.
I then cut the flower stick in 2.5 cm short sticks.
I use super glue to first glue the flower sticks 2 cm from the edge of the balsa Wood.
Then I just glue the coffie stirrer to the flower sticks.
I use a army painter uniform grey spray to paint the fence and then a brown hobby paint to paint the edges of the base.
The last step is to use some wood glue to glue down some nice static grass flock.
I hope this little tutorial has been useful to watch!
Best Regards
Hobby worker.

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