HMS Wivern Tripod Masts

I’ve had this model in the painting box for nearly a year but didn’t plan to complete it alongside the other Royal Navy broadside ironclads that I’m slowly working through at the moment. However, it’s such a neat little model that I decided to dig it out and add the characteristic tripod masts that are obviously missing from the Tumbling Dice casting. These were cut to size from brass rod and superglued in place, before being base coated in Vallejo Matt Black. Unfortunately, my first attempt at doing this was a total screw up, so the sister ship has been binned and will eventually be replaced with a new model to represent HMS Scorpion. The angle of the tripod supporting masts is wrong but it does ‚look‘ right, if you know what I mean, so I’m quite pleased with the end result.

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Autor: Jim Jackaman / Jim’s Wargames Workbench

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