Hobbit Hunting Party

Hobbit Hunting Party

Adding leaders to units has resulted in a grab bag of 5 random leftover hobbits; 1 archer, 2 rock throwers,  1 with spear, and 1 of the original Halfling Adventurers. 

I hate left over figures

So 1 figure short of a skirmish group. 

I had thought about adding in an Airfix figure once I got around to painting them. But then that would leave the Airfix units short of an archer. 

Then late one night, just before bed, I had a lightening idea. A dog!

A few years back I had bought a pack of wolves for my orcs, but they were realistically sized, and not big scary wargs. So I painted them as dogs.

With their faithful herd dog, these hobbits really seem to me to be a farmer, his sons and a couple of hired hands out hunting goblins that have been raiding the barns and lifting sheep.

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