HORUS HERESY – The Mechanicum – Hammer of the Omnissiah

I know that a lot of you have already checked out the raffles for the NOCF this year. We have literally dozens of raffles running in order to raise a ton of money for wonderful causes (Doctors Without BordersThe International Rescue CommitteeThe Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and The Fisher House Foundation). 
Among the offerings is this wonderful Mechanicum army. Designed by Marc Raley, one of the 30K event leads at NOVA Open and AdeptiCon, this army is a walking and crawling, and hovering edifice to the Machine God. 
First up is the Arch Magos on his Abeyant. He is ready to lay low the enemies of the Omnissiah and take their technology for further study. This beautiful model was painted by Jake Landis.

The elites of this force are the deadly Myrmidons. This squad are equipped for ranged combat with a variety of dangerous and esoteric weaponry. Painted by Andrew Gray.

This is a very elite, compact force, and the Troop slots are filled by these deadly Thallax. Two units, both painted by Joel Moon.
Such a small, elite force, needs to be able to meet a lot of opposing threats head on, and this Krios can certainly pack a punch when pointed in the right direction. Model painted by Max Dubois.

The leader of the Mechanicum team was Marc Raley, the man who devised the lists for the 30K armies, and the guy who is doing so much to raise extra funds for the NOCF and their causes. He also contributed to the army by painting up this excellent Vulturax!


The massive Thanatar Automata, with its mind-blowing, shoulder-mounted plasma mortar, stands ready to stride across the battlefield and get stuck in. This one was painted by newcomer to the team, David Sampson.

And finally we have the wonderfully towering Cerastus Knight Atropos, able to lay down some heavy firepower from range against the enemies of the Mechanicum. Veteran team member John Steining applied the paint to this big project.

So, there you have it. I hope you love this as much as I do, and will click on the link HERE to buy some (more) tickets in the raffle to win this army! Things are looking very good so far this summer, let’s help them look even better : )

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