HOT1 Dwarf King 15mm painted by I Maenas Hael

HOT1 Dwarf King 15mm painted by I Maenas Hael

Back in April last year Alternative Armies released brand new Dwarf Handgunners and also remolded and unveiled new painted pictures of the Dwarfs in our HOT 15mm Fantasy Range. See these in full on our BLOG
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We had many requests for these and to release the artillery in the range as single codes which we also did. It was great to see a wargamer on Instagram showing off his lovely work on the Dwarf King from HOT1 Dwarf Command. Permission given I present to you the work of Kieran otherwise titled i_maenas_hael you can check him out on the link. 
Lots of work on some thing so small. In the command pack is the King as well as a Banner Bearer, Spear Carrier and Guards. Nicely done! 
As stated check out the HOT 15mm Fantasy Range for our Dwarfs or the BLOG article for that news and pictures. 
 HOT103 Cockatrice
We are currently working on the next packs for the Savage Lizardmen to complete their army. This will include command and special unit. We are also working on an expansion to the favoured Ogres too. If you have any input on creatures, monsters, types or such you would like to see in the range then by all means email and let us know. The Cockatrice above was the result of such a poll on our Facebook Group
Thanks for your time. 

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