How Does Your Garden Grow?

In my on going efforts to make my medieval village look more real and lived in, I wanted to make some vegetable gardens for the cottages.

From Richard Clarke on the Too Fat Lardies blog I got the idea to use miniature paper roses for cabbages. Now just try to find some. I’ve been looking haphazardly for a couple of years now with no luck.

The opening this weekend of a Michael’s craft store helped out. So yesterday I bought a pack of roses for $8 and some thin wooden shapes.

 I covered the roses with green ink.

While waiting for ink to dry I prepped some bases.  Sand, burnt umber brown and then a lighter brown dry brush.

Then it was a quick job of gluing on cabbages, clump foliage, flower tufts and green tufts then flocking around the edges.

Here a couple of the ladies check things out:

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