Huns versus Foederate Romans Pacto MeG Game

Huns versus Foederate Romans Pacto MeG Game


Romans are out scouted and deploy first

Opposite end

Romans and Hun cavalry advance

Horse archers shoot on the Roman left flank

Last Thursday afternoon Robert, Garry and Craig came over to my place and we played a MeG Pacto game out in the shed, with the Huns taking on the Foederate Romans. We diced for sides. I commanded the Romans, while Garry commanded the Huns. Robert generously offered to advise and talk us through the latest changes made to the Pacto version of the rules. This was really handy as we both haven’t played a game since last year. Craig watched the game, providing moral support, as well as some fresh duck and chicken eggs straight from his farm. Andrew also dropped in and said hello and had a quick chat.

The Roman cavalry advanced and then charged on both the flanks, while the infantry advanced in the centre. The Hun cavalry fell back shooting, their Frank and Burgundian infantry movements were limited by a mediocre commander and poor command discs. The Roman left flank was quickly whittled away by the Huns’ shooting, combat and a flank charge. The Roman right flank had slightly more success but overall the Romans were toast and while they hadn’t reach break point it was only a matter of time before further flank charges achieved this.

Roman cavalry charge

Cavalry combat with Hun horse
archers threatening the flank

Roman left flank is whittled down

Romans are toast

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