Hyboria: An even better map from Tony Bath

Hyboria: An even better map from Tony Bath

I was reminded by one of my regular blog readers that many years ago Tony Bath wrote an article about Hyboria for BATTLE magazine … and a long search of my selection of magazine clippings revealed a copy of said map. (I have since also been reminded that a copy of the same may is included in a chapter of Henry Hyde’s excellent WARTGAMING CAMPAIGNS). The map is much clearer than any of the other black and white versions that I have used so far on my blog … and here it is:

Please click on the image to see an enlarged version of the map.

I am unsure who owns the copyright of this map (I assume that it is Tony Bath’s estate or the Society of Ancients to whom he passed on the copyright for much of his writings) and I hope that they will not be offended by me sharing it on my blog with Hyboria fans.

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