I have been... to Boston

I have been… to Boston

 We have just got back from a tour of North Eastern Canada, which started in Boston. I’ve been to Boston briefly before, but always wanted to go back for a longer stay, and this time we made it. 

Lots of interesting military stuff in Boston, and for fans of Fallout 4, many familiar landmarks, although not quite so radioactive and infested with monsters and zombies. 

The USS Constitution, claimed to be the oldest commissioned warship still afloat. HMS Victory is older of course, but while still commissioned as the flagship of the First Sea Lord, is in dry dock. 
The ship is having some work done on the masts, hence the odd appearance. 

There were lots of (very young) US Navy personnel swarming up the rigging. 

The gun deck is beautifully preserved, one of the best I’ve seen and very spacious. I could even stand up straight(ish). 

You can sort of make out the 20″ thick Hull of ‚Old Ironsides‘ 

The Captains Quarters are also very generous indeed. 

Carronade on deck. I like a carronade. 

Pretty busy on deck. 

Moored nearby is the USS Cassin Young. 

Quite a large destroyer. 

Quad 40mm AA mounts. The ship was hit and badly damaged by a Kamikaze in 1945.

Main armament. I don’t know who that suspicious character is hanging around. 

Lovely view across Boston Harbour from the stern. The old castle is dimly visible in the distance. 

There is a small museum display near the ships, this is a model of the navy yard at its height. 

Ready for sea! 

And a lovely Lego model. 
A huge bonus is that the ships and navy Yard museum are completely free. They can be found at the far end of the Freedom Trail just before you get to the Bunker Hill monument. 
I didn’t bother going up to the monument, but this is slope leading up to Breeds Hill. Now a quiet suburban street. The redcoats will have advanced up here. 

You can see the monument on the Ridge above the navy yard. 

In Boston Park is a memorial to the 54th Massachusets Regiment, as commemorated in the film ‚Glory‘. 

Samuel Adams grave in the Old Town. 

A couple of nice ships in the harbour. An old square rigger converted into a restaurant and a Nantucket Sound lightship. This is one of the larger ones. 

And finally, supposedly George Lucas inspiration for Imperial AT-AT! These low slung container cranes opposite Boston Logan Airport. They are low so the planes can land safely across the harbour. 
A very enjoyable city to visit, and lots of good stuff within easy walking distance around the Old Town. There is a subway if your feet get tired. 

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