I’m Still Around! Hosted a Black Powder Game at Enfilade!

Sorry for the nonexistence in the blogosphere, but hopefully this post will get me back in the grove. Just hosted the first of two Black Powder games at our annual big convention, Enfilade! This was a cavalry-heavy game with only skirmishing foot. The scenario was having French abandoning Toulouse in 1814 with the British and allied Spanish and Portuguese chasing them down. The British managed a close victory by the end of turn 6. The French managed to get one of their brigades off the table intact. The French victory condition was to have at least 50% of their units in three brigade leave the table opposite a river. The British victory condition was to stop them. I host another game with the same scenario tomorrow morning. I’ll post images of some of the other games from the con in my next post. Yes, two posts in as many days! Wow! Thanks again for your patience and stopping by.

Both French and British had three brigades apiece. All six players played aggressively and there was a lot of shooting and combat in all turns. 
Spanish Cuirassiers being chased down by French Carabiniers.
Red Lancers of the only French brigade to make it off the table to safety.
French 9th Hussars attempting to make it to safety. Alas, they were stopped by a combination of bad dice rolls and British shooting.

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