Info Bot new and free 28mm miniature in all orders until 17th November 2023

Info Bot new and free 28mm miniature in all orders until 17th November 2023

“Good day to you fine fellows. Can I be of assistance to you at this time?  It is to me to answer questions and give direction. Be careful though for bad words will have you in trouble and we cannot be having that now can we….”

A brand new and free (yes, totally free) 28mm scale miniature has just been released at Alternative Armies. Adding to the growing Alternate Stars generic science fiction range is AS023 Info Bot a one piece metal figure. To get this miniature all you need do is place an order which requires shipping (order of any value to anywhere) and it will automatically be included (no digital download only orders sorry!).  As many orders as you wish; each time it will be included.  If you wish to purchase this miniature you can and you will still get one free in the package.

AS023 Info Bot. A very useful miniature for a great many systems and depending on how you decide to paint it then many roles can be had for it.  

It joins the Star Rangers, Warbot, RUFUS as well as aliens, adventurers and more.

Well…artificial intelligence does not mean non gullible eh.  A Fomor Ranger and Infiltrator Agent make use of the Info Bot.

Arm up your lads and ladies of the future with some firepower.  AS014 Weapons Set is a pack or any parts from it to add to your miniatures.

Lastly the Winter Mega Event 2023 begins officially on Monday 23rd October with a massive array of brand new releases plus a blanket 20% discount auto at checkout on all orders placed.  There will be news on this of course in full but we want to tell you that the 20% discount is active.  We are always fair.

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GBS (Gavin Syme)

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