International Naval Wargaming Day 2017

That nice chap David Manley has launched the first International Naval Wargaming Day, scheduled for Sunday 6th August, the birthday of Fred T. Jane, no less. I thought this was a genuinely brilliant idea, so am very happy to spread the message a little bit further with a rather natty poster, if I say so myself, courtesy of the US Navy and five minutes with MS Paint. Here’s David’s explanation:

Anyway, I’m on holiday so whatever I can come up with in naval wargaming terms for the weekend ahead, may well have to be a bit lashed together, if not last minute. I have a few ideas but all will be revealed on the big day itself. If I was at home I’d set up a game of Schnellrules for Schnellboote, Galleys and Galleons or Victory at Sea but I’m sure I can come up with something suitably nautical here instead!

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