INWarD 2022 Scenario

INWarD 2022 Scenario

With International Naval Wargaming Day rapidly approaching, I’ve started to work up a mid-Victorian scenario for a fleet action using Broadside and Ram, based on the Battle of Camperdown in 1797. 

This will involve two divisions of the Royal Navy Channel Squadron, under the command of Rear Admiral Sir George Wellesley (+1) with his flagship HMS Minotaur, intercepting a French force of three divisions of the Northern Squadron, under command of Admiral Charles Rigault de Genouilly with his flagship the Couronne, (+0), as it steams along the coast near Dunkerque. 

It’s all a bit foggy at the moment and there are some big gaps to fill in but I have sketched out a basic battle plan and worked out which ships will be assigned to the various divisions. I’ll write it all up tomorrow including the setup, objectives plus any special scenario rules that apply. The Royal Navy will be given the task of destroying as much of the French fleet as possible while the French must attempt to do the same, so nothing too complicated and probably decided by a simple points based tot up at the end of a time limit.

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