Italian Aces - Mario Visintini

Italian Aces – Mario Visintini

One of the fascinating things about the East Africa campaign and, incidentally, one of the reasons I chose to write some scenarios for it, is the relative edge of combat experience of the Italian pilots compared to their South African, Rhodesian and British counterparts. It is an indisputable fact that many of the Italian pilots had extensive experience in the Spanish Civil War and we’re hand picked for the East African campaign as a result. 

I wanted to include at least one scenario in which an Italian ace played a role but have ended up with two, the second of which involved a bit of a stretch but not too far to be unfeasible. This scenario, set in February 1941 has been tweaked to include Capitano Mario Visintini, one of the most successful aces in the theatre and rated as a Top Ace in Bag the Hun terms, with sixteen aircraft shot down by the date of the scenario. 

He was quite a character and a very accomplished fighter pilot, so I couldn’t resist squeezing him into the game, even though he probably didn’t take part in the action concerned. You can read more about his exploits on Hakan Gustavsson’s most excellent Biplane Fighter Aces webpage:

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