It’s „just for fun“ painting really .. but it really helps clears the cobwebs – Aeronautica Imperialis (40K)

Sometimes it is a case of an excuse for „freedom of expression“ and sci-fi (and I care not what ‚how‘ the figure manufacturers want the figures to be seen to be painted) gives me that (see below, my second Orc Dakka Dakka jet comes off the painting stocks): 

It also allows me to try new techniques .. sometimes fast, sometimes more slower (see below, in the case of Aeronautica Imperialis it is slower, as in the approach I took for this project with a „two milky coats“ is better than „one thick coat“ so „thin the paint“ – at first with water but next I will experiment with the Vallejo medium):   

The result is pleasing as I let the thin paint layer add depth even though the end result is a little cartoony, but that befits the project (see below, in many ways it was an exercise in over-painting a model to then see how much you can take out of the process to leave it with the same effect): 

The end result was a Dakka Dakka Jet „pair“ (see below, [milky washes] of Vallejo Game Colour [sic] of Gory Red, Gory Red, Contrast Skeletal Hoard, Scarlet Red, Scarlet Red, Contrast Skeletal Hoard, Blood Red, Blood Red and a final Wash of Skeletal Hoard .. with highlights of Blood Red):  

This gives me three planes (ahem, or rather sci-fi objects) that I can run through the rules with me and the kids .. if I can drag them away from their digital devices (see below, during my painting my technique was to have complete coverage with the first milky was and then selectively paint the stronger areas with the second and then let Skeletal Hoard . aka an aged brown .. shadow the model. The next milky paint layers were applied more and more selectively .. with the final highlight being very selective and minimal .. as were the subsequence applications of .. aged brown wash): 

All in all this „game in a box project“ was an un-locker to other more historical projects that had been lying around (for instance Ancients and ACW).

Final Painting Note: My experience with the Citadel Contrast paints was slightly underwhelming, they are certainly no „magical tartan paint“ (one coat and a highlight and you have a figure) but, well at least the one I tried (Skeletal Hoard), was a superior kind of wash that I will integrate into my painting technique – when I want to be a bit fussy about the effect I get, And I am almost always a fussy painter. The test of these paints to my mind would be how they perform in the yellows, but they certainly seem to be capable of giving Vallejo’s „Wash“ and „Ink“ range a run for their money (but more expensive) or better still complement them.  

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