Junkers J.1 Finished

That was a pain in the bum but it’s over now, as I have finally finished the Eduard Junkers J.1, ready for some aerial reconnaissance and ground strafing missions in another Knights of the Sky game at the club. It all went together well until I got to the propeller and spinner, which wouldn’t sit tight on the fuselage nose and the machine gun, which had to be squeezed in next to the crew figure with little room to spare. I then had a varnishing disaster with an old can of Humbrol matt varnish, which turned everything frosty. Arrgghhhhh!!!
This was saved by a topcoat of Halfords matt varnish, which is actually more satin that matt, and some brushed on matt varnish in selected places, not to mention another wash in GW Athonian Camoshade ink on the tail plane. It’s still not quite right but I have had more than enough of it for the foreseeable future, so the Fokker Dr1 triplanes have been postponed and I’ll be painting some 28mm Congo tribesmen instead while my sanity slowly returns. I definitely need a break from fiddly plastic kits and some proper metal figures to paint will do me no end of good!

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