Kampfgruppen Hansen - part1

Kampfgruppen Hansen – part1

This was another trip to the Ardennes in December 1944 and saw KG Hansen trying to hang on to Poteau (in the NE) while trying also to prise Petit Their (in the west) from the grip of the US TF Navajo.  In my game the players, joining my via Zoom, were John and Pete were as steely-eyed Germans, Michael led TF Navajo and controlled the US artillery, while Simon and Graham led the US relief force approaching from St Vith (off to the SE).

The field of battle, with Poteaux to the right of the frame.

Looking west along the table.

The German deployment plan….

…making Poteaux very crowded.  The Solido Jagdpanthers are standing in for JPz IV/L70.  There was a company of them supporting a beefed-up Panzergrenadier battalion.

This game was the debut outing for some 3D prints – including this Sdkfz 250/8

The mighty TF Navajo. Rifle and (weak) engineer companies, with tank and TD platoons.  This ad-hoc TF was called ‚Navajo‘ because it’s CO, Lt Joe Whiteman reportedly paid his way through college by selling Navajo blankets.  We’ll be hearing more about this.

Sherman tanker’s view of the terrain.  Distant movement in the snow!

There were indeed lots of halftracks on the move!  Two PzG companies.

The third PzG co defending Poteaux.

Targets!  Loads of ‚em!

Indeed, despite the ‚vast hordes of Germans‘ (according to our Lt Whiteman, Navajo’s gunners and the artillery scored some early hits.

The Lt. calmly directing operations.

But what of the US relief column from St Vith?  All that and more coming soon…

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